Hand Drawn Art
The following art gallery contains pictures of : Bride, Dragon, Spaniard, Majestic Hunter, Rocky Paradise, Tiger, Battle Royale, To The Death, Coat of Arms, Broken Sword, America's Sports Car, Corvettes are Red, Eternal Rest, and Lady of the Lake. The works are done in a wide range of styles, from pencil sketching to stipple, black and white styles to color. Please enjoy the works of art.
Bride - a study in pencil and stipple
Majestic Hunter - a study in chalk
Rocky Paradise - pencil sketch
Tiger - a study in style
Battle Royale - a study in colored pencil
To The Death - mirrors in colored pencil
Coat of Arms - a study in colored pencil reproduction
Broken Sword - a study in shadows using stipple
America's Sports Car - a study in colored stipple
Corvettes are Red - unfinished
Click Here to see the finished version
Eternal Rest - including a sectioned blow-up to illustrate stipple. Note that the real work does not contain the blown-up section
Lady of the Lake - experimentation in single line hatch